Supply of materials

In 2003 and 2005., "Poliurs” Ltd. delivered more than 20,3 kilometers of industrially insulated piping for many different projects having to do with the reconstruction of heating supply systems in various locations within Riga.

“Poliurs” piping was used for the reconstruction of the heating supply system in various locations around Riga. One of the technically most interesting projects was the formation of the heating pipeline in the city of Riga itself, underneath the “Salu” bridge, where the pipeline that was built extended for 600 meters along the bridge's technical tunnel.

In year 2003, “Poliurs” won World Bank tender and delivered industrially insulated piping systems to Russian city Mitichi. Mitichi district heating system reconstruction project will last 5 years, in 2003 “Poliurs” delivered 8 km of insulated pipes, but in 2004 there was new tender where 16 km of pipes were needed.

This was the largest “Poliurs” project in 2003 and for this project company delivered 50 km pipelines for 3 Million USD. This was the largest overseas project for whole Latvian heating industry and it shows the increasing competitiveness of Latvian enterprises in Eastern markets. Izhevsk is reconstructing its district heating system by using World Bank loan, which covers 80% of all expenses. The remaining resources come from city's municipal budget.