To customers "Poliurs” Ltd can offer production accordingly to quality and environmental safety requirements of European Union. The gradual implementation of a quality system that conforms to the international ISO standards has been very important for “Poliurs” since company was founded.

In 1998, “Poliurs” was awarded with the quality management system ISO 9002 certification, but in 2001, an integrated quality and environment management system was implemented in compliance to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. This includes absolutely all structures and employees that are associated with the design, manufacture, installation, and client servicing tied with “Poliurs” products.

Only raw materials and accessory products that comply with the appropriate compliance certificates are utilized in the production process. With a full sense of responsibility, we can guarantee that our industrially insulated piping and connections, if used and installed observing all the appropriate manufacturer's instructions, will serve for many years. Their terms of service can reach up to 50 years.

Our customers are convinced of the high quality of our products. Independent audits executed by laboratories in Lithuania, Sweden, Germany and Russia ensure the compliance of our products to both European (EN 253, EN 448, EN 488, EN 489, EN15698, EN14419, EN13941) and Russian standards (GOST 30723).